• Hike Inkilltambo

Hike Inkilltambo

Hike Inkilltambo

The hike starts at Hotel El Mercado (Siete Cuartones 306) . After crossing Plaza de Armas you will visit San Blas, the artsy neighborhood which narrow streets will take you to three archaeological sites: Kusilluchayoq, Temple of the moon and Inkilltambo.

Inkilltambo is an archaeological site built during the Inca Wiracocha government, according to the chroniclers of the colonial era. There you can find carved rocks connected by narrow passages, as well as rectangular enclosures, platforms, fountains, stairways and canals of the pre-Hispanic era.

Daily departures at 09:00 (Hotel El Mercado)

Return at 13:00 (Cusco Main Square)