COVID-19: El Mercado Update

April 17th, 2020

Dear Guests,

Just like you, we here at El Mercado are adjusting to the ‘new normal’ imposed on us by the  current global pandemic. And as challenging as this situation has become for us, we are truly  concerned about the impact that this crisis has had on you, our valued clients, as well for our  industry travel partners, services and goods providers, and local Andean communities that  depend on us in many ways for their survival. 

The good news: We are definitely optimistic that we’ll be able to welcome you to El Mercado!

The not-so-good news: We’ve had to suspend all May 2020 reservations in light of the ongoing  global restrictions and safety concerns.

Having said that, the last thing that we want you to worry about is the status of your  reservation. All payments made to us thus far will be honored as a credit toward a future  booking at El Mercado–without penalty or rate change–or at any other Mountain Lodges of  Peru accommodations property. In addition, all reservation credits will be transferable to another  guest with your authorization. 

Please rest assured that, when the time comes, our staff will be anxiously awaiting your  arrival. In the meantime, our reservations team is at the ready to answer any additional questions  and to help re-book the dates for your future stay. As always, we are so grateful that you’ve  chosen us to be your hosts—we can’t wait to greet you! 

Stay safe everyone—take care of yourself and one another.

‘Belief in the power of optimism rests on a simple idea: by looking at the future, we can hang  tough and do our best in the present.’ —Gabriele Oettingen

All the best,

The El Mercado Staff